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This is the website of Hans Nowak. I am a software developer, using Python by day, Prolog and Scheme by night, and a ton of other programming languages if I can get away with it. ;-) I am originally from the Netherlands, but have been living in the US (Florida) since 2001.

At this point there isn't much to see here, but I hope to add a new weblog soon.

In the meantime, here is my resume. Right now I am not actively looking for work, but I am always willing to consider interesting job offers, especially for positions using Python (although I can and will use other languages where appropriate; my last few gigs involved Javascript, C#/Mono and C++).

Some of my open source stuff can be found on github, bitbucket and gitlab.

I archived some of my old weblogs (starting in 2001). Mostly I wrote about Python, programming in general, life in the US vs the Netherlands, etc. The archives can be found here (please note that some of the links inside the blogs might not work):

(Most of these weblogs used static HTML, which is why it was easy to create good archives of them. The exception is Drinkable Chicken, which used WordPress, which was a lot harder to make (and host) an archive of -- at least not without hosting a new instance of WordPress somewhere. This is currently a work in progress; for now, I am just linking to the archived version on Waybackmachine.)

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