1. I have a little over 20 Bettas myself, all from various pet stores. I started collecting them about 6 months ago. So far, I've encountered Columnaris with one fish (fatal because I caught it late) and Fin Rot (early stage so treatment cured). I've lost two fish to Felineitis, which is not contagious but extremely fatal; Preventable by placing lids on all habitats, and keeping them all out of cat's reach. I wish you luck with yours. :)

      posted by MaBe at 11:42:16 AM on October 05, 2004  
  2. I have a fish that had Dropsy, he was bloated and had the scales on end. However, he did not die. I used the madication Maracyn-Two and it did make him better, and he is still alive. I think it could always come back but he is cured at the moment.
      posted by bettacrayZ362 at 10:22:28 PM on January 05, 2005