1. Hi,

    Seems like I'm a fellow "sufferer" of that disease. I can stay occupied with a computer for hours, blocking away other things but I usually have some 8-15 applications open, and an additional 35-40 browser windows open (really, I can't believe it myself). Juggling these things does take time I've noticed, and one major waste of time is IRC :) But I can't stand living with information, call me an information addict. My RSS reader has some 100 feeds, totalling 4000 items which I have read. Such is life these days.
    The most useful service overall has to be Google - an enormous amount of information can be filtered with a minimal amount of effort and mountains of data are at your fingertips. You can find an answer to almost any question. If anyone asks a question, I always feel tempted to say "Just google it". I have a similar hate of MSN Messenger, the popups and flashing titles annoy me to no end.
      posted by Jaen Saul at 11:29:38 AM on February 10, 2004