1. Al Gore got knighted?
      posted by Sean at 01:54:02 PM on July 16, 2004  
  2. It would be hard to explain to people that there are many parts to the Interweb.

    Hey, could you even explain gopher to most people? And how it was different than the web?

    *sigh* I miss gopher.
      posted by MikeH at 02:05:24 PM on July 16, 2004  
  3. :-) No, not Al Gore... Tim Berners-Lee
      posted by Hans Nowak at 04:26:23 PM on July 16, 2004  
  4. interesting, you follow-up a comment about misinformation
    with more misinformation of your own.
    as you well know, many people think the internet
    exists only since WWW. but it never hurts to point out
    USENET, ftp etc etc. you hardly did.
    the gist of what Al said related to the "modern internet",
    redirecting the cost & duties of maintaining the backbone to
    companies instead of largely the US government & colleges.
    I don't have to tell you how often he is
    quoted out of context on this.
    but, its too late to help him now.
    funny how little precision there is on such matters, eh?
      posted by nit picker at 01:21:22 AM on July 23, 2004  
  5. So what exactly is the misinformation that I wrote in the post?
      posted by Hans Nowak at 02:00:42 AM on July 23, 2004