1. re IDEs: that's how I work in emacs - python-mode has a binding that shoves the current function or region over to a python-interactive buffer. Simple but effective.

    re symbols: I've used enumerator classes when I've needed that kind of thing, but it never reels quite elegant enough. But I *would* generally prefer a class to lisp-style freeform lists, tuples are too "weak" for any structure you're using at a distance...
      posted by Mark Eichin at 06:05:41 PM on August 01, 2004  
  2. Do you still have the Python version of Astrologica? I am wondering if you would be willing to put it up for download from your Labs? It sounds like it might be fun to play with.

      posted by Ron Stephens at 07:22:56 PM on August 01, 2004  
  3. Much as I like Python, I only use it because there is no environment close to it in a Lisp-like language (i.e., "batteries included").

    In my experience, Python forces the use of a common language (phythonic code) to solve a problem, whereas Lisp-like languages encourage the development of a language to attack the problem. Where Python has idioms, Lisp encourages another level of abstraction.

    It has to be said that I find it harder to code in Lisp (perhaps because I've never done a very large project in Lisp?) than in Python.
      posted by Andres Moreno at 07:45:23 PM on August 08, 2004