1. Ok, I'll bite... why are these names interesting?

    ....Sorry, just an idle question from a Magic-playing-non-programmer-learning-Python who's curious. :-)

      posted by Kerrydan at 01:53:17 PM on August 06, 2004  
  2. To understand why these names are interesting, you need to know a bit about circa-1990 rap music. :)
    Hint: it's *Ice* Age week.
      posted by Hans Nowak at 02:47:00 PM on August 06, 2004  
  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Nope, in 1990, I'm afraid I wasn't listening to rap.

    Thanks for the enlightenment! :-)
      posted by Kerrydan at 03:59:07 PM on August 08, 2004