1. At least where I live it's acuallty cheaper to dump the "real phone" and get a cell phone instead. Talk time may still cost more depending on your calling habits but for a person who doesn't use the phone that much it can save quite a sum.

    I often use my mobile like landline phone that is I leave it at home when I think nobody needs to reach me from where I'm going. Or take it with me just in case I should need it but turn it off.

      posted by Tero at 02:46:38 AM on August 22, 2004  
  2. I use my cell phone for emergancies and just so my wife (esp with our baby) can get a hold of me when she has to. Otherwise, I could care less.

    My wife loves her cell phone, and it annoys me when one of her siblings or her mom calls her out of the blue when we are out-to-eat or otherwise occupied. Of course, she answers it. It's a weird conditioned response -- when the phone rings, we automatically answer it. I don't always answer my phone, mostly because I figure if it's important they will call back or leave a message.

      posted by MikeH at 10:54:56 AM on August 23, 2004  
  3. As Sacha Guitry, an early 20th Century French humorist said about the then new landline phones:

    "Aha! They ring you, so off you go and answer?!?"

    The underlying meaning being that back then, you rung servants when you needed them, and of course this man didn't want to be treated as one :-)

    Likewise, I don't like phones, and making a phone call is like pulling a tooth, but when you *need* to make a phone call, it's quite handy. And having a cell phone doesn't mean you have to answer it (I have no clue what kind of ring tones it has: every cell phone I owned have been set to vibration from Day 1...).
      posted by dda at 09:12:38 PM on August 23, 2004  
  4. Ah, finally someone feeling like I do ;)
    But when we moved to new home my wife insisted on buying a cellphone to bridge the (short) time without wire. Luckily the house is one of the few places on earth that is not polluted by EM, probably because it is on a hillside. 50 bucks down the drain and a good reason to hide and forget it...
      posted by pink at 04:59:42 AM on August 24, 2004