1. If you still decide to bring wax to 1.0, I can be your Linux tester. I am also willing to create something like wxPython Demo program into wax. As you might know I have created a demo version of wax which has some of those controls in it.

      posted by Samir Patel at 06:53:15 AM on November 02, 2004  
  2. Hi Hans,

    I noticed your complaint about your PSF grant rejection. I felt the same way, FWIW. The note Martin sent me was similarly gruff, bordering on outright rude. I hadn't known the exact number of proposals, but generally figured there would be a lot, and my chances would be relatively slim.

    My proposal, BTW, was writing a book _Metaprogramming in Python_ under an Open Content license (I'm well qualified and known in this area, information should be free, Pythonistas are interested in the topic, etc). Proposal for $15k, which really doesn't amount to much per hour--but it would be more a labor of love.

    A note saying "Thank you for your proposal, but given the limited funds available for many excellent proposals, we were unable to award your grant" would have disappointed me, of course. But at least it wouldn't a slight extra measure of insult (albeit, certainly not the worst thing I've suffered in my life--not to say I've suffered particularly much, at that).

    Here's what Martin wrote:

    Thanks again for submitting your PSF grants proposal. Unfortunately,
    we have to reject it. We think you should try to persuade a publisher
    to publish such a book. Most likely, a commercial publisher would not
    give an advance of anything near this amount; but the PSF can't make up
    for the fact that publishing doesn't pay very well.

    Kind regards,
    Martin v. Löwis
    (Chair of the PSF Grants Committee)

    In the end, I think Martin just lacks a certain social grace, and they should have gotten someone more tactful to write the rejection letters.

    Oh yeah... like you, I went into some detail in my proposal about why a commercial publisher is undesirable (i.e. not mostly numbers of dollars, but rather the unfreedom of their copyrights).
      posted by David Mertz at 11:59:04 AM on November 02, 2004  
  3. Wax seems to be a great idea, I think it could take the place of Tkinter in being the default gui lib of python. So don't let this put you down.
      posted by Leonardo Santagada at 12:23:04 PM on November 02, 2004  
  4. Sorry you didn't get picked.

    Call me sick, but I'm enjoying reading your rejection letters. Maybe we should collect them in one place...

    Take care.
      posted by John Speno at 01:45:28 PM on November 02, 2004  
  5. Not a bad idea. I was also thinking, maybe everyone who got rejected should do their project anyway.

    Using Ruby.

      posted by Hans Nowak at 02:47:43 PM on November 02, 2004  
  6. Hans, I am sad to hear of this. You have tirelessly worked on good projects for the good of the community. It saddens me to see you suffer this.

    It is quite obvious that the rejection letters could have been written with a little more forethought. It does not appear to have been in any way personal, though, nor does it seem to bear any relationship to the quality of one's work nor the quality of the proposed projects. What a shame that it happened in this way.

    I am sure the writer of the rejection letters did not intend to add hurt to rejection.

    Hans, you have good karma radiating to you through the ether from lots of people right now. I realize this is not the same as cash support ;-((((

    ...but it ain't beans, either ;-)))

    cheers and best of luck,

    Ron Stephens
      posted by Ron Stephens at 04:59:43 PM on November 02, 2004  
  7. Your letter looks like a typical notice of rejection you would get about a research paper sent to a conference or journal for peer review. The terse comments about what the reviewers perceived wrong (not what is actually wrong) is always included for your reference. At least from the comments, you can figure out if you were just unlucky or if you were way off the mark.
      posted by an anonymous coward at 06:46:23 AM on November 03, 2004  
  8. Hm, I realize the Firefox community is a little bit larger than the Python community, but is they can raise $250k to pay an ad, why can't the Python community raise something like $15k to write a book or finish a useful project? ;-)
      posted by JanC at 07:26:48 PM on November 04, 2004