I think it's just saying "you don't need to have someone tech-savvy to set it up." I didn't take offense.

Gravatar It means that they don't want your business - so don't give it to them, and tell them why.

Gravatar Its playing on people's resentment of having to be dependent on specialists, I've had to deal with this to to some extent w/ my clients.

It's unfortunate, but a lot of guys (and that's not being sexist) seem to have caught the idea that being technically adept gives them the right to be condescending jerks to those who need their skills. However there is an upside; acting professional, being polite and explaining what you are doing in a way that doesn't make the client feel like an idiot will get you loads of referrals.

Gravatar I guess they feel that by cutting out the Nerd Guy, people will feel less intimidated.

Of course, about 50% of their sales come from the Nerd Guy who wants to play with a VoIP phone.

Maybe that could be what they're trying to do as well.

Vontage needs to realize that "nerd" is cool now...that us nerds do not dress like that anymore. Well, most of us.

Gravatar Ged rid of your husband for only14.99 ?

Gravatar It's funny, you can look at this in two ways: You can see it as an ad that is demeaning to nerds, or you can see it as the average person in society having a great respect for the intelligence of nerds. I'll take it to be mostly the former.