Well, I remembered reading some of those quotes.. but just remembering the name of 10 bloggers is pretty near impossible for me.

I liked it and tried pretty hard to remember who said what. I was just a bit too busy to write a nice comment at that moment.

I liked it too - I was reading it at work, though, so I didn't have time to comment.

Although I guess I had time to read it.

I liked it - I knew some of the quotes and looked up some others. But I didn't post a comment, partly just because I couldn't see any point in saying (in effect) "Hey look - I knew 3 out of 10! An't I ut of touch?"

But a quick "thanks, I enjoyed that" would probably have been worth doing. Sorry...

well, for one, your link is broken...

Gravatar I scanned it briefly, but didn't recognize any of them. I guess I don't read enough Python blogs?

Gravatar It was too long, 5 would've worked better.

Gravatar Actually, I was going to do 20 items at first, but I couldn't find enough "obvious" quotes. I still believe most of the existing ones should be more or less obvious, if one has been following these weblogs a bit. :-/