Cool stuff! That's a very good experiment you've performed there. Independent verification of your code should settle the question.

Gravatar Personally I think the codes thing smells bogus a priori, even if you believe in the Torah (I happen to). But who am I to say.

Anyways, as far as the math is concerned it just cannot be that simple. There are a few mathematicians of known who believe in this stuff, and I once knew a guy who is published up to wazoo in statistics who swore by the codes. So, I believe that they are wrong, but I doubt the refutation is as simper as yours - some conditions are probably not met.

Gravatar Well, the "real" Bible Code likes to look at "blocks" of text, with multiple words in them, and interpret those words as related. I don't do that here, although it would be possible to extend the program to look for "neighboring" words and phrases. It would probably also benefit from a dictionary. But that is beyond the scope of my experiment...