Letter of recommendation: DSM Credit Department

DSM Sales Offices
Shared Financial Service Centre

Subject: Letter of Recommendation

Sittard, 25 October 2001

To whom it may concern,

As from 1998 our company has been dealing with Mr. H. Nowak for our Credit Information Debtor system (CID) as a software developer. Throughout these years many changes occurred in working processes as well as in technology. Mr. Nowak was intensely involved in up-dating our systems to the requirements.

We are of the opinion that Mr. Nowak is a skillful and service minded person, able to understand our wishes and translated them into our CID system. Although he is not a person who prefers to stand in the spotlights, he is quite able to think and communicates constructively.

We experienced that Mr. Nowak is not only good in developing systems in Delphi but is also very engaged in setting-up Web-based applications. The cooperation proved that Mr. Nowak not only offers tailor-made solutions but also delivers according to the agreements made (incl. budget terms).

We regret that Mr. Nowak decided to look for new challenges abroad but wish him all the best and happiness for the future.

Kind regards,

C.H.W. Nuchelmans
Senior Risk Assessment Manager

W.F.M.J. Bastiaan
Global Risk Manager