Filler: Epcot visit

Last Thursday we went to Epcot again, on a whim.

You know Epcot right? I'm sure you've seen it all, in pictures or real life... Spaceship Earth, the magic wand, the fireworks, the obligatory Disney characters, the World Showcase pavilions.

But have you seen *this*? :-D

Note/1: Epcot seems to be "disneyfying"... it always was Disney of course, but lately they seem to be adding more and more insipid Disney characters in places where they don't belong. The Norwegian restaurant Akershus, for example, now hosts Snow White, Belle, and Ariel; and the Mexican water ride (forgot its name) is being renovated to incorporate a "Three Caballeros" theme.

(I wonder what they would do if a Dutch pavilion was ever added...)