Welcome to Interstellar Overdrive, my weblog. Expect incoherent ramblings about programming (Python, Io, OCaml, etc), games, design, and whatever comes to mind.

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2008-03-31 Updated resume
2008-03-01 Drinkable Links: February 2008
2008-02-01 Drinkable links: January 2008
2007-12-30 2007 reprise A quick rundown of 2007.
2007-11-17 Three Hundred Mechanics
2007-11-16 Review: Summon Night: Swordcraft Story A sword is not strength. A sword is not skill. A sword is not fellowship.
2007-10-26 The Wii is here
2007-10-24 "Good" design
2007-10-22 Update: MacBook In which I finally buy a Mac that isn't low-end or old.
2007-10-21 Update: job

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