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2006-12-24 Welcome
2006-12-24 And so it begins. Het bloed kruipt waar het niet gaan kan.
2006-12-24 Contact me
2006-12-24 All pages by tag
2006-12-24 All pages
2006-12-25 The cheapskate's guide to G3 iMacs Or: How to get a dated but cool hacking box for cheap.
2006-12-25 Second chance In which the Mac makes a glorious comeback. Well, sort of.
2006-12-26 2006 reprise Another year went by.
2006-12-28 Review: HughesNet satellite Shockingly bad internet service for a high price.
2006-12-30 'with' and code blocks In which yours truly finally takes a look at Python's new with statement, and compares the use of code blocks in three languages, of which Python is probably the least dynamic. (Gasp!)
2006-12-30 Adobe icons controversy
2006-12-30 Perspective
2006-12-30 2006: music discoveries
2007-01-06 Review: Rhapsody - A Musical Adventure
2007-01-08 Pteramander paint job
2007-01-11 Fun with faulty benchmarks :-) In which we take a critical look at a flawed speed contest, and improve Python code in spite of that.
2007-01-13 Introducing: nanoreviews
2007-01-14 Nanoreviews: games
2007-01-15 Spraypainting dos and don'ts
2007-01-15 Computerman
2007-01-15 A quote from MST
2007-01-15 Naught No comet-viewing for me this time.
2007-01-17 Gone Or, "backson bisy backson", as a more popular blogger likes to put it. ;-)
2007-02-18 Wax: sealed Wax is pining for the fjords, but interested parties are welcome to take over and revive it.
2007-02-18 The state of game design, etc
2007-03-12 Astro, compilation woes, etc It is as predicted. ;-)
2007-03-13 Filler: Epcot visit
2007-03-14 A few thoughts... ...on "Why a career in computer programming sucks"
2007-03-15 The cheapskate's guide to G3 iMacs -- addendum: clamshell iBooks! Clamshells need love too!
2007-03-18 Bored (Personal rant, feel free to ignore.)
2007-03-20 Eggs
2007-03-22 Grand theft bandwidth
2007-03-24 My language zoo A short overview of the programming languages I am currently using.
2007-04-03 Wicked beasties
2007-04-04 Tabs vs spaces
2007-04-06 To make or not to make
2007-04-08 A bit of web design In which we fight CSS and browser incompatibilities.
2007-04-09 Future Sight
2007-04-10 Planetarium
2007-04-10 Demographics
2007-04-14 Demographics (2)
2007-04-15 A first look at newLISP Cool Lisp dialect, but what's with the dynamic scoping?
2007-04-21 Chicken! A great Scheme implementation that inspires interesting code constructs and bad puns.
2007-05-03 Pokemon DS tips
2007-05-28 PG on unions
2007-07-04 Fractured fairytales
2007-07-05 My Google interview
2007-07-05 Io Style Guide A quick look at the Io style guide and how it applies to other languages like Python.
2007-07-07 languages max(expressivity)
2007-07-08 Widows
2007-10-18 Dancer
2007-10-21 Update: job
2007-10-22 Update: MacBook In which I finally buy a Mac that isn't low-end or old.
2007-10-24 "Good" design
2007-10-26 The Wii is here
2007-11-16 Review: Summon Night: Swordcraft Story A sword is not strength. A sword is not skill. A sword is not fellowship.
2007-11-17 Three Hundred Mechanics
2007-12-30 2007 reprise A quick rundown of 2007.
2008-02-01 Drinkable links: January 2008
2008-03-01 Drinkable Links: February 2008
2008-03-31 Updated resume