The Wii is here

Well, I do live in Florida, where everything happens 50 years later... ;-)

If you're from a more affluent part of the US/world, you'll probably find it hard to believe that Wiis are still in short supply around here (Florida, Gainesville area). Game stores (and the likes of Target and Wal-mart) are still out of them. Fortunately, I found out that they were available at some stores in Ocala, thanks to iTrackr (sort of).

The verdict so far: Controllers and new ways of playing games are cool. Good games are scarce.

Zelda: Twilight Princess is just as difficult (with the new controllers) as on the Gamecube. (I'm not playing it all that often because it feels too much like work <0.5 wink>; especially when you restore a game and have to do many things all over again.) Super Paper Mario was disappointing, as I expected a game similar to the Gamecube's Paper Mario. That's all I played for now... most other games that are out don't look very appealing, and/or get bad reviews. (Well, there's always Metroid...)

I think the real innovation will start when the Wii has reached sufficient market penetration... that's (hopefully) when we will see great games that make good use of the new controllers. Kind of like the DS, which has seen an onslaught of good games in the past year or so.

In the meantime, I'll get myself a DS Lite just so I can play Summon Night. Yes, its that good. ^_^ (Although I don't fancy the boring colors of the Lite... DecalGirl to the rescue.)