My Google interview

Signs of the Apocalypse... last month I was actually contacted by a Google recruiter, claiming that my skills might be an excellent match for some job openings at YouTube.

Without going into too much detail: I went to the YouTube interview day, where I was grilled together with around 15 other candidates. Google interviews deserve their reputation... I was interviewed five times, and pelted with puzzles, brain teasers and difficult programming problems. (Some of which had topics that I don't encounter every day... C++, state machines, to name a few.)

Anyway, I didn't get the job... judging from the (rather vague) rejection email, it almost seems like there was only one job opening, and they didn't hire anybody at all for it. Weird.

While the end result was disappointing, this was actually a positive experience for me, for several reasons.

(Google really does hire exceptional people, by the way. For example, the recruiter that first contacted me is not just that... she's also a captain of the US Air Force and a TV producer. ^_^)