Pokemon DS tips

I've always had a love/hate relationship with the Pokemon video games... On the one hand, they have a tremendous amount of depth and strategy, and, to some extent, customization (pick Pokemon for your party, name them, decide what moves they should have, etc). On the other hand, 90% of the game consists of battling, which can get really old, really fast.

The new Pokemon Pearl and Diamond for Nintendo DS are no exception. They're hardly innovative and follow the same concept introduced in Pokemon Red and Blue for the Gameboy. It puts the dual screen to good use, but the gameplay is largely the same. So if you liked the other Pokemon games, you can't go wrong here... but if you didn't like them, you won't change your mind after seeing Pearl/Diamond.

Anyway, I've been struggling through Pearl for a while now, and thought I'd offer some tips. Nothing too fancy; if you want that, visit Gamefaqs (although those FAQs are likely still under development at this moment).

(That's all for now... more will be added as I make progress.)