Update: job

Just a few updates, since I haven't blogged in a while.

After having worked for Oasis Digital for over 5 years, I now have a new job. My new employer is a startup (more or less) based here in Florida, although they don't seem adverse to hiring programmers from all over the place, it seems. Name and website will be revealed in due time; the site currently isn't as good yet as we want it to be, so I'm reluctant to point readers there (and then get complaints because X doesn't work :-).

Right now my work is somewhat similar to what I did at Oasis... developing Python programs and scripts that run unattended on a server. It involves parsing as well, and talking to a Postgres database, for which we use SQLAlchemy (about which I have mixed feelings... more about that in a separate post, possibly). From what I hear, sooner or later I will work on the website as well, so I'd finally get some web development experience. (And since I no longer have to use the horrible HughesNet internet connection at home, I will most likely be using this knowledge to extend my personal sites.)