aquiline ascension

published: 2010-11-11
author: Hans Nowak

Intermezzo: 3 programming languages

Interesting post: The 3 Programming Languages You Need To Know. My personal choices are listed below.

Happiness language: This used to be Python for the longest time, but has gradually been replaced by... I'm not sure what. I suspect Scheme. It's not quite there yet though.

GTD language: Python, hands down. At some point in the 90s this used to be Pascal (to be precise, Turbo Pascal on MS-DOS). Before that it used to be some flavor of Basic, because that was all I knew. :-) It doesn't look like anything will replace Python here anytime soon.

Bread and butter: Python, again. I have been using it professionally since ~2002, almost exclusively (with maybe a bit of Delphi thrown in at first, but that didn't last). I should really add another language here, but I wouldn't know which one right now. I don't work for $CUBICLE_SHOP, so no Java or C# here.

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