aquiline ascension


What's this, then?

"This" is the blog of Hans Nowak, a washed-up hacker who currently lives in Florida (but who is originally from the Netherlands, and doesn't like either place very much).

It's supposed to be mostly a technical blog, i.e. about programming, especially in Python, and maybe Scheme, and hopefully many other languages as well, eventually.

That said, blog posts could be about anything that interests me (at the moment :-). The Netherlands. Florida. Florida vs the Netherlands. Software design. Non-software design. Painting. Writing. Astronomy. Astrology. Card games. Video games. Books. Zoids. Cats. Who knows.

I have a tendency to start a blog, write a bit (or a lot), then get bored of it, take a break, and start a new site. Therefore you can find four other blogs of mine on the Net: Tao of the Machine, Efectos Especiales, Interstellar Overdrive, and Drinkable Chicken.

What's with the silly names?

They all make sense in some way... to me at least. :-)

Wait, if this is your fifth blog, why is the URL ""?

I made preparations for a fifth one, that never saw the light. Designed the site, reserved the URL, prepared Disqus for comments, etc. It never panned out. Instead of reusing the URL, I chose to move on to the next number. :-)

What's with the Magic cards?

The idea is that each card has some sort of relation or relevance to the contents of the post. How obvious this link is to outsiders, may vary.

Whatever. What tools were used to make this site?