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published: 2010-10-28
author: Hans Nowak

Meaningless statistics: Python job board

So yeah. Like I posted on Facebook: Nowadays, the Python job board would be better named "Django job board".

First, a disclaimer. I have much respect for the Django devs, and for the Django framework itself, from a technical point of view. Only problem is, if you don't like web development, then looking at the Python job board is a bit depressing these days.

To check if there really are that many web dev listings on the job board, I wrote a quick script. First, grab a copy of the Python job board page:

$ wget

Then run this script (it's quick & dirty, yadda yadda):


import re

re_tag = re.compile("(<[^>]*>)", re.DOTALL|re.MULTILINE)

data = open('index.html').read()
print "About", data.count("<h2>"), "job listings\n"
data = re_tag.sub('', data)
data = data.lower()

words = ["django", "posted", "xml", "html", "css", "c++", 
         "web dev", "gui", "wxpython", "pylons", "web2py", 
         "java", ".net", "ironpython", "jython", "pypy", 
         "php", "perl", "ruby", "rails", "cherrypy",
         "linux", "mac os x", "windows", "tkinter",
         "javascript", "zope", "turbogears", "grok", 

dist = {}
for word in sorted(words):
    dist[word] = data.count(word)

for word, count in sorted(dist.items(), key=lambda x: -x[1]):
    print "%-20s%3d" % (word, count)

Some of the results I got when I ran it today (2010-10-28):

About 330 job listings

posted              323
java                234
linux               229
django              204
javascript          150
html                131
css                  89
c++                  84
web dev              82
perl                 62
php                  56
windows              53
xml                  41
ruby                 41
gui                  37
.net                 26
pylons               24
zope                 16
plone                12
turbogears           11
jython                8
cherrypy              7
rails                 6
mac os x              3
wxpython              1
grok                  1
ironpython            1
tkinter               1
web2py                0
pypy                  0

A few remarks:

As always, attaching any meaning those these results is left as an exercise to the reader. :-)

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