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published: 2010-10-11
author: Hans Nowak
tags: none

A new blog... yet again

So, you know, I often get bored with my existing sites, hack up a new design, and launch a new one, with essentially the same purpose as the previous one. This is the way of things. :-)

My old blog, Drinkable Chicken, has been around for almost three years now, so (in my book) it was long overdue for a replacement.

The focus of DC was supposed to be Chicken Scheme, and it started out that way, but then at some point it just kind of dried up, and if I posted at all, if often was not about Chicken.

This new weblog does not have a strict focus; it is about whatever interests me, things I'm reading or learning; it's also a platform for talking about any projects I might be working on at a given time. Like the ones at github.

See the About page for some more information about my, um, design decisions for this site. Note that I am still undecided about a few things, like which comment system to use, and whether to use a traditional RSS/Atom feed, or just use my Twitter account to announce new posts. (For now, the comment system is Disqus, and there's a regular Atom feed.)

Anyway, watch this space. :-)

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