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icon:default #779 Pot & kettle

Jeremy Zawodny takes a swipe at Google. Of course, Yahoo only invents new things, and would never copy features from other companies, least of all Google...

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icon:painting #777 Sixteen colors

Sixteen Colors: view ASCII and ANSI art packs online. (Requires registration.)

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icon:python #776 Deja vu

I suppose that when a programming language gets more popular, it also takes a lot more flak, especially from people who don't know all that much about it. This happened two years ago, for example, causing me to write The importance of being selfish and a followup. One of these guys (whose original post has been moved?) apparently didn't learn anything, because he's back with more misinformation.

Yes, there are good reasons to use an explicit self in the method definition. No, it's not a keyword. Yes, Python was object-oriented from the start (although there was a type/class dichotomy that lasted till 2.2). Yes, it's a multi-paradigm language, allowing you to mix procedural, functional and object-oriented styles, and many consider that a Good Thing. No, Python didn't grow all these features (or "patches", as some call them) willy-nilly. Yes, Python's flavor of OO is perfectly valid and usable, even though it doesn't follow the Java Holy Bible of Object Orientation (gasp!). No, the "history of Python" as described in the aforementioned post is not correct. ... But it's useless to point this out, right? Nobody's listening.

That said, there are some interesting points in his posts... I agree that static/classmethod and the private/protected mechanism are awkward additions, although probably for different reasons (IMHO they should not have been added to the language at all). And yes, list comprehensions, generator expressions and nested functions do have strange restrictions, which makes sense when you think of how Python's scoping works, but it's probably surprising and confusing when you're from a different background.

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icon:weird #775 Smart bird


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icon:default #774 Emancipation

In the fifties or so, traditional gender roles were such that the man worked outside of the house and made money, and the woman did the household. Apparently, for today's youth the roles are just as clear... the guy is the pimp and the girl is the ho. We've come a long way...

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icon:wax #773 FYI

Just for the record, the Wax TreeView control has the same functionality as this cookbook recipe... check the GetChildNodes method.

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icon:default #772 Punch-drunk

Sometimes life hits you so hard that you can't see straight. But you have to go on, no?

My apologies to everyone who is waiting for a reply to their (Wax-related) mail... I'll answer those as soon as I find time.

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icon:music #771 Famous when you're dead

This Tupac sure is a productive guy. 6 albums when he was alive, 12 more after his death.

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icon:rant #770 Personal responsibility is for old people

What are you supposed to do with a 17-year-old who doesn't know their ass from their elbow, but who does whatever they want nonetheless? Kick them out? Or maybe try to help them in the hope that they will grow a brain before they're 18?

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