Name: Hans Nowak
Location: Heerlen, Netherlands

I am an experienced software developer, specializing in Python and other dynamic programming languages. I have extensive experience with relational database systems, application development (desktop, web and command line), and scripting.

Skills and expertise

Python: My primary programming language. I have been using it since 1996, for many different purposes, including: GUI development (wxPython, Tkinter, PyQt), database access, scripting, server-side programs, web development (Django, Flask, Google App Engine, Pylons), web crawling, ORMs (SQLAlchemy), data extraction/parsing/ETL, .NET access (via IronPython), automation (via ADO), etc. I have written several articles on Python, and many blog posts.

Web development: I have worked with several Javascript frameworks for front-end development, including React, Angular, jQuery and Closure. In addition to HTML and CSS, I have used tools like SASS and Less.

Databases: Over time I have worked with most well-known relational database systems, like MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. This included writing SQL, writing views and stored procedures, functions (in Postgres), triggers, profiling and optimizing queries, and designing database schemas.

Additionally, I am familiar with a number of other programming languages. I have started or maintained projects in C#, Go, C, Ruby, Scheme, Prolog, Common Lisp, Forth, C++, D, Pascal, Io and OCaml. Learning new languages and techniques (and, in some cases, implementing them) is one of my main interests. (My open source projects can be found on Github, BitBucket and GitLab.)

Professionally I have mostly been working with Windows, but I have developed software on/for Mac OS X, Linux and Android as well. I am familiar with version control systems like Git and Subversion.

Work experience

Prometheus Group, Heerlen, Netherlands
(May 2022 – Jul 2023; on-site)

Art & Logic, Pasadena, CA
(May 2019 – Dec 2021; telecommuting)

co-developer of a web application for managing software vulnerabities and patches. Added new features to both frontend and backend, bugfixes, maintenance, documentation, code reviews, testing. (Python 3, Django, REST APIs, React, Chart.js, Javascript, AWS, Postgres)

various contracting jobs
(August 2017 – May 2019; telecommuting)

FlightVector, Sherwood, OR
(September 2016 – August 2017; telecommuting)

Implemented new features and bug fixes for various parts of the Flight Vector software, including:

Klickle, Des Moines, IA
(April 2015 – February 2016; telecommuting)

Co-developer and maintainer of the Klickle customer app for Android. This included bug fixing, enhancements, and designing and implementing new screens from scratch; also testing features and performance on various Android devices. Technologies used include Android, C#/Mono and Xamarin.Forms.

Oasis Digital, St. Louis, MO
(2002–2007, 2009–2015; telecommuting)

Main developer of a complex server-side system for processing work orders ("tickets"), that the customer receives from call centers. This included writing console applications in Python that:

Additionally, the Python code base is supported by a large set of automated tests. All of these programs and tests were written and maintained by me, except for a 2-year interval when I worked for a different employer.

The system uses a MS SQL Server database, which we originally accessed via SQLXML, later switching to ADO for performance reasons, using a custom ORM. The server-side programs run on Windows. In the first few years, I also helped maintaining and updating the client, admin and reporting applications, all of which are written in Delphi. At some point I ported most of the existing code to IronPython.

As the project matured, I worked on a team with other developers to keep the code base up-to-date and well-maintained. This involved code reviews, writing documentation and project management using JIRA. Additionally, I mentored other Python developers who joined the team.

On-Track Solutions, Iowa
(mid-2009; telecommuting)

2-month contracting job, consisting of:

iTrackr, Boca Raton, FL
(2007–2009; telecommuting)

Main developer of the back-end part of the iTrackr website. Tasks included:

Info Vision / CSS Software Development, Heerlen, The Netherlands
(1998–2001; on-site)

I developed four large desktop applications, and was also responsible for their maintenance and related customer service.

Various small contracting jobs


HS Zuyd University of Applied Sciences (formerly called HEAO Sittard), The Netherlands: BA in Business & Economics.