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Blue eyes white dragon

Got my first Yu-Gi-Oh! cards today, at Kangaroo, of all places. If they sell it there, I guess the game must be pretty popular among kids right now, much like Pokemon a few years ago.

I am interested in the card game per se, not necessarily in the stuff around it. The Pokemon CCG may look cheezy, but it's still a solid card game, even though it has beasties on it that your kid knows. If it had, say, a vampire theme, it would appeal to an entirely different audience, but technically it would still be the same game.

Anyway, so I bought the Kaiba starter deck. There's something fishy though... the very first card I saw was a Blue Eyes White Dragon, which is supposedly "ultra-rare", like the price guides call it. (See this spoiler at the almighty Pojo. To see the card, look on Ebay.) Now, I think it's a bit strange that the first card is a really rare one. With my luck? Never. I wonder if it's in all these starter decks. Hmm...

More information about this game can be found here. Or just Google for it...

Posted by Hans Nowak on 2002-10-15 21:03:39   {link}
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Redheads more sensitive to pain

That's what this article claims (it's in Dutch). I have lots of red hair in my beard, what does that tell me... :-}

I am not going to translate the article literally, but it says that people with red hair may need 20 percent more anesthesia for surgery than people with another hair color (blonde, brown, black). Researchers say that hair color is the first indication of how much anesthesia a person needs.

Maybe this explains their prickly nature... <ducking for cover>

Posted by Hans Nowak on 2002-10-14 21:56:19   {link}
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Now 10% cleaner

More refactoring today. It's not quite done yet, eventually I want to separate the GUI and the "business logic", and add a test suite, something I should have done much earlier. But hey, I only have so much time, and some quick code is easily added... you know the deal.

The entry.anchor attribute didn't always work well, that should be fixed now. HTMLMaker.make_page now sets this, and it uses the new blog.get_permalink for it. So now the list and the category archives should all have correct permalinks.

I also wrote a bit of documentation about embedded code. Like the rest of Kaa, this is very much a work in progress.

I suppose I shouldn't let people wait too much longer and release the 0.8 before the GUI/logic split and the test suite and all the other zillion things I want to do... but that should definitely be in the 1.0 (whenever that will be). For those who need a fix, here's the bleeding edge version (0.7.6). This is a development version, possibly unstable, bug-ridden, yadda yadda (and will be removed from the server after a certain time). I don't have a test suite yet, so things I don't (currently) use might be broken. Use at your own risk. If/when you find bugs, please leave a comment on my weblog, or drop me a mail. As always, you can also contact me for requests, questions, tips, flames, etc.

Posted by Hans Nowak on 2002-10-13 20:35:48   {link}
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You might need to get a life if...


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