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Kaa 0.8.7

A new development version of Kaa can be downloaded here. (As always with a development version: be careful, backup your weblog before using, etc.)

What's new?

  • Better category management: when you rename or delete a category, the changes are propagated to the entries in the database. (Note: if it affects the current entry, it is reloaded! So save before meddling with categories.)
  • Main window now expands correctly.
  • You can now set the name of the "front page" filename as an option.
  • Fixed some bugs with categorymanager and newly created weblogs.
  • Archive method now defaults to "e:10", filename to "index.html".
(Most of the fixes are courtesy of David LeBlanc who filed some bug reports and a patch.)

Kaa is Zoidware. (If you like it, and want to show your appreciation, you can get me that nice Spiderzoid on Ebay. ;-) Or a Tarantulon...

Posted by Hans Nowak on 2003-01-17 21:33:06   {link}
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This article (Dutch), obviously about Longhorn, also mentions Palladium. And presents it like it's a good thing. Oh well, who cares about freedom, eh? :-)

Good thing there will still be Mac and Linux boxen, where I can do what *I* want...

Posted by Hans Nowak on 2003-01-15 11:43:44   {link}
Categories: general, Nederland

Kaa at PyPI

Added Kaa to PyPI, the CPAN-like repository for Python modules. (Apparently more than modules, since there's also applications there...) Systems like these deserve some support to get them started.

I wonder if this system will support something like a command line tool that gets the latest version of package X for platform Y.

Posted by Hans Nowak on 2003-01-15 10:55:03   {link}
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Permanent residency is granted. ^_^

Posted by Hans Nowak on 2003-01-14 21:09:42   {link}
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Kaa stuff

Kaa has reached 0.8.6. This version isn't available for download, because I need to do some more testing... but it is *supposed* to fix the problems with categories. (Currently, if you rename or delete a category, the changes are not propagated to the posts that use that category. In other words, if I delete or rename category 'foo', then posts with that category will happily keep on showing it like nothing changed. This is fixed now, in the new version.)

Just for the record, here's a trick to make something appear on your front page only (and not on archive pages):

if blog.current_page == blog.filename:
    # do something
Explanation: blog.filename is the name of the front page. blog.current_page is the name of the page currently being generated.

Update (4:41 PM): Kaa now generates another RSS file, containing the whole text of a post, including HTML. I wonder what to do with it; according to the RSS Validator, it's not valid. But some news aggregators do read it. Maybe I should upgrade (?) to RSS 2.0?

Posted by Hans Nowak on 2003-01-12 16:04:08   {link}
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Sunday's linkfest

Some random links and things:
  • beastieboys.com: "What's up with the Beasties? The band has recently setup a new recording studio, and have begun working on their sixth studio album - the first since Hello Nasty (1998). At this stage, they've got some nice beats down, but have not yet completed any full tracks for the forthcoming release."
  • I want the new OP CD. Too bad I probably cannot order it from here. :-(
  • The Z-Bomb zone, with downloadable mp3s. (Although the old site used to have more. ::frown::)
  • White Wolf
  • Low-Life's UK Hip Hop Story. This page has quite a few links to music files. They're in RealAudio format, unfortunately, and you might need some trickery to be able to actually download them.

Posted by Hans Nowak on 2003-01-12 09:47:18   {link}
Categories: music

Moving, again

This weblog has moved to the zephyrfalcon.org domain. Gentlemen, update your links.

These pages will probably stay on earthlink for a while, but new posts won't appear there.

Even this link may not be permanent, because eventually I will build a site here with my content management tool. Not anytime soon though, it hasn't even been written yet. :-)

Posted by Hans Nowak on 2003-01-11 15:01:50   {link}
Categories: general

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