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Geen nieuws

Vol vertrouwen zou ik mij abonneren op het nieuwsblad dat blanco verscheen omdat er die dag geen nieuws was.
--Wim Kan

Posted by Hans Nowak on 2003-06-13 20:06:46   {link}
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PEAK / PyProtocols

Interesting stuff. Basically it redefines how classes work, while sticking to regular Python syntax.

An example from the tutorial

>>> class Wheel(binding.Component):
def spin(self):
print “I’m moving at %d mph” % \

>>> class Car:
wheel = binding.New(Wheel)
speed = 50

>>> c = Car()
>>> c.wheel.spin()
I’m moving at 50 mph


Posted by Hans Nowak on 2003-06-08 00:42:06   {link}
Categories: Python

3 rules for making your weblog popular

<warning mode="cynical">

1. Link to other weblogs that are popular. Link directly to posts, make sure you show up in trackbacks, write comments. This way, the URL to your site is seen by many people. As a bonus, you'll increase your Google ranking.

2. Do something remarkable to attract people to your weblog. Something substantial (e.g. offering a decent piece of software, or well-written essays on interesting subjects) is good, but by no means necessary. You can write about controversial topics; no matter what your opinion is, somebody will disagree with you, opening the door to interesting flamewars discussions.

3. Don't be nice. The best approach here is to try and be generally reasonable, but pick on a few selected people, and/or occasionally display arrogance, rudeness, self-righteousness, or just a mean attitude. Because you're usually reasonable, people will think your victim deserves what they got. And if not, this allows for new discussions again.

Once your weblog has become popular, it doesn't matter anymore what you write about. People will flock to your site anyway, even if you write that you didn't brush your teeth yesterday, or that your neighbor's uncle's dog has scabies. You will still get lots of page hits, comments, and appear on DayPop. Once you're part of the clique, it's not hard to stay in. Life is good. (Note that experienced webloggers don't sit on their laurels, though; rather, they routinely employ rule 3 to ensure continuous popularity.)


Posted by Hans Nowak on 2003-06-08 00:08:24   {link}
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